What Drives Your Company?

Most companies can be categorized as sales, technology, or market-driven.

Characteristics of a Sales-Driven Organization:

  • Sales opportunities defines product evolution
  • Short-term planners
  • Very broad business definition
  • Try to seize all opportunities
  • Try to find new markets for existing products
  • Mediocre at many things
  • Want a sale

Unfortunately, sales-driven organizations follow a growth curve that typically leads to implosion caused by cash flow issues.

Characteristics of a Technology-Driven Organization

  • Technology innovations define product evolution
  • Long term technical planning independent of customer and market intelligence
  • Technology leadership a core corporate value
  • Desire technical leadership

Most technically-driven organizations eventually disappear into obscurity. Some, although few, profit from licensing of proprietary technologies/patents to third parties.

Characteristics of a Market-Driven Organization:

  • Market intelligence defines product evolution
  • Long-term planners
  • Customer requests are balanced with market analysis
  • Have a well defined business definition
  • Create their own future by seeking consistent opportunities
  • Ignore inconsistent opportunities
  • Target market segments precisely, or stay out
  • Do a few things exceedingly well
  • Want growth

Market-driven organizations become market leaders and acquisition targets, creating maximum value for founders, shareholders, and customers.