A Unique Solution to Business Restructuring

Newhouse Partners offers a high performance process for restructuring and revitalizing companies. First, we utilize a multi-disciplined team approach to address the root cause of the problem (not just the symptoms). By tackling finance, human capital, marketing & sales, and operations & technology issues, we optimize the entire corporate performance.

Second, we have built a reputation for delivering pragmatic and innovative solutions. Our seasoned management team has a proven track record revitalizing and reorganizing companies to enhance overall performance and productivity to find and create value.

Next, Transform 90™, our proprietary methodology and processes, accelerate the revitalization process through the use of on-line assessment, communication and diagnostic tools. A full turnaround can be implemented in as little as 90 days.

Finally, our success is based on value delivered to stakeholders. We are active participants in the reorganization process and implement what we recommend. Our compensation is based on the results that we deliver.

To learn more about Newhouse Partners or to schedule a presentation, email or call me at the number below.

Florian Meyer CPA, MBA, CA

Cell: 416.873.8684