Aligning the Stars

The common adage promoted by many companies is that "people are our greatest resource". In many instances organizations have initiated effective selection and promotion programs to make the most of their human capital. However, "why do great people fail?" continues to haunt organizations. While there is no simple answer, there is a tell-tale sign: people take on positions for which they aren't suited. The lure of money, status and prestige outweighs what Dr. Shayne Tracy refers to as a person's Talent DNA.

We all have a unique talent pool made up of behavior (willingness and motivation), values and skill attributes (ability). This combination provides the basis for success or failure. Great people, or stars as Tracy calls them, often fail because they don't understand their Talent DNA. They make uninformed choices to take on roles and positions that are incompatible with their unique talents. Great companies fail because they populate the organization with misplaced talent.

Newhouse Partners' Success Insights, Trimetrix and Pathfinder assessments tools assist people in understanding their Talent DNA. These tools, and the insights they provide, allow companies to align their stars with specific needs within the company.

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